About us

Collegium Cantorum

is a women’s choir based in Curitiba, Brazil. Under the direction of maestrina Helma Haller it posesses a strong work ethic for research and interpretation and a strong desire to disseminate vocal music throughout Brazil and abroad.  Over the last 18 years, Collegium Cantorum has developed projects and proposals considered to be both original and sophisticated all the time maintaining it’s focus on being a permanent choral workshop.

To date, its repertoire includes around 300 works performed at over 250 events and 5 CDs and has been directed by names such as: Stefan Geiger, (Curitiba, june/2016), Fernando Swiech (Hamburg, Germany, July/2015); Maria Guinand (Curitiba, May/2015); Hilary Apfelstadt (USA, NYC, March/2014); Gábor Hollerung (USA, July/2012 and China, November/2012); Osvaldo Ferreira (Curitiba, December/2012); Nicolau Figueiredo (Curitiba, 2006); Mônica Meira Vasquez (Switzerland, July/2005). 

The choir’s main international highlights include: The 4th Internationale Festtage geistlicher Chormusik in Germany (2005); a concert tour with the Akademiechor und Orchester Stuttgart in Switzerland (2005); the 7th World Choir Games in Cinicinnati, Ohio, USA (2012); the 1st Xinghai PrizeInternational Choir Championships, Guanzhou, China (2012); the Choral Music for Women’s Voices presented by Distinguished Concerts International New York (DCINY) at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall, NY, USA (2014) and, most recently, the European Choir Games in Magdeburg, Germany (July, 2015) where the choir was awarded two Silver Diplomas. 


In celebration of its 15th anniversary, the group organized the 1st. International Festival of Women'sChoirs in Curitiba (May 2015) with Maria Guinand (Venezuela) as a guest conductor. Two US choirs attended the event, and all choirs carried out musical work involving children's and youth choirs living in areas of social risk on the outskirts of the city.

In February 2017, the Collegium Cantorum had the privilege to be part of an international event, "Festival der Chorkulturen" or "Festival of Choral Traditions" in Berlin, Germany. The group had the opportunity to perform several concerts, both exclusive and in partnership with other choirs from several countries. One of the concerts of the group took place in the famous auditorium of the Berlin Philharmonic. A professional jury selected 12 members of the group to participate in a choral singing workshop, offered by the Berlin Radio’s Choir, which culminated in a gala concert, also in the space of the Berlin Philharmonic, under the leadership of conductor Nicolas Fink.

Artistic Director and Principal Conductor
Assistant conductor
Project Manager 
Maria Herrmann Destefani