The group has a special interest in the Brazilian repertoire and launches its fifth CD, totally dedicated to the choral production of Brazil.  We have here great authors from the 19th and 20th centuries, such as Chiquinha Gonzaga, Alberto Nepomuceno, Glauco Velásquez, and Bento Mossurunga. Large part of this repertoire is still in manuscript and has been little recorded or not at all.  And, if on one hand the CD recovers this musical legacy, on the other it brings texts of important Brazilian poets who have had their work put to music.
The sensitive interpretation and the careful musical selection is completed with information on the works and their authors, as well as the texts of the poems (also recorded). There is no better way to celebrate the “musical majority” the group reaches in 2018.
 Camila Fresca, journalist and musicologist

You can request the CD through the email:
The Scores are available for free download

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