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Explanatory notes and texts in Portuguese, English and German.

This CD will allow the listener to have an idea of Brazilian Christmas, with the possibility to taste the several musical flavors found all over our wide country. There are works from several Brazilian composers, such as José Vieira Brandão, Ernani Aguiar, Artur Iberê de Lemos, José Alberto Kaplan, among others. According to the song that introduces this CD, Brazilian “chorinho”, “at this Christmas, let’s celebrate the Lord in a very original and different way…”, we present the Brazilian way to celebrate ”with lots of singing, dancing and cheering”. We have highlighted the works of composers from State of Paraná, such as Brasílio Itiberê, Rodrigo Herrmann, Ítalo Todeschini, Henrique de Curitiba, José Penalva and Bento Mossurunga, who contributed in a crucial manner to the formation of a whole generation of musicians from this State. It would be possible to listen this music being sung by families, children, at the schools and communities. Others songs, in their turn, go through more contemporary paths with their unknown sonorities, and others, yet, lead us to far countries, which have influenced us with their culture and sonority. All this is Brazil, land of all people, and this CD is our contribution to celebrate this Christmas, adoring, rocking, “singing and dancing and worshiping the divine infant!”.

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